The POWER Of Image

They say a picture says a thousand words … and I couldn’t agree more – there is nothing more striking and empowering than a headshot of a person. It gives unrivalled insight and instigates, rightly or wrongly, first impressions to the viewer. Having your professional image “right” is so important, as it can be vital to your reputation, your progression and your products and professional relationships.

I work with a large number of businesses on their staff branding images. Businesses range from a single business owner to multi-faceted corporations with several layers of management and staff. I love working with these varied personalities, each individual is equal to me, when in front of the camera. We always want the TRUE character to surface, in order to capture the most perfect professional image that represents the brand/business/entity or product. It is my job to capture the best possible image of the individual as they represent and industry or event, and also present the human side to which we identify – before we even met in person.

We create a relaxed environment with some well planned preparation emails, texts and or phone calls. We have all seen the not-so-great profile photo or headshot. The first impression is where People make judgements about that person, their character and their professionalism and the business or event that they represent. It is often unintentional. it’s an innate human instinct to “size-up or prejudge. Often it’s not the subjects’ fault – they might have been overly nervous, wearing the wrong clothing for intention of use, perhaps they were badly posed & positioned, or captured under poor lighting conditions, or with an unflattering background. Sometimes it can be a situation that has not been made to allow them to feel at ease in the environment, or worry about weight or appearance. All of these factors can severely impact getting the right shot! The “Bad shot “ gets the audience perceiving them … incorrectly!

So hundreds of people we don’t meet – are judged due to their one bad headshot? The people we don’t get a chance to alter our preconceived impression of them and that we’ve written off due to a poorly presented professional shot. That just proves the power and importance of the professional image is to overall representation.

We love photographing REAL people – capturing their essence with our camera and basic editing style, while making sure that the person is doing themselves justice in displaying their professional capacity in the best light. We know how to stage the scene, correctly review facial feature strengths, and utilize quality lighting to accomplish the best photographs! Basically people just need to remember when being photographed is to relax and just be themselves as authenticity and approachability and to utilize The services of a professional photography team. It’s never “JUST A HEADSHOT”

Natural instincts with true authenticity ( normal work clothing style with normal hair/makeup) is the name of the game in really representing your best professional self and showing the world who you are and what you represent.

Please feel free to contact the studio about updating YOUR headshots.. we offer a free mini consultation to prepare you for our sessions. @ArtistCircleStudio