Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Studio Membership information for 2021

*** Final terms and rates will be made available in each written contract.

2022 Artist Circle Studio will have 3-mo *trial and 6 or 12 month renewable contracts.

Rate increases June 1st 2022 for new members.  Sign up now and save! **Rates subject to change.

Only Limited memberships spots are available for 2022 to ensure hours of availability to all of our members.

** 60 day notice to upgrade/downgrade or reasonably alter regular memberships. 

Note: *Prime weekend 12noon – 5 pm hours are typically reserved for training and meetups. BUT events are always scheduled in advance and posted on our team scheduler – so time may be available. We try to have 2 events each month. 1 major event quarterly. time) if no one is on the schedule.

*** Unassigned (open) Prime hours are OPEN to all Member use !!!! See our online Scheduler.

All studio hours are booked in a minimum of 2-hour increments. *Buffer hours allow for studio set up/clean up. Please understand you may arrive 15min early and leave 1/2 hour late (reset & clean up time) if no one is on the schedule.

Contracts are Invoiced Monthly in advance – due the 1st of the month. 60 day written notice is required to change or end contract.

Rates are per individual photographer. Final terms will be made available in written contract.

Group T $150.00 6hrs *Limited time -trial membership /per month  ((** 3 mo 1st time trial)).

*FIrst session has mentor present at no extra charge ane will also include 1 hr facility orientation.

**Limited number available (must be approved by mgmt team). 5-10% meetup discounts – as available.

Group B $225.00 12hrs. (3 available)  *2 hour buffer All studio hours are booked in 2-hour increments.

*** 10-25% discount on most meetup events.

Founders Memberships: UNlimited – All founder roles filled. ** Special Meetup Rates

  • Our studio Proctor’s will be made available at the rate of $25.00-50.00/hr after initial orientation to assist with training techniques and equipment. Rate depends on teaching level and needs.
  • Please let us know your requests for assistance as far in advance as possible.

Additional member hours at $25.00/hr in 2 hr increments. 

Non-member hours 75.00/hr (Limited) in 2 hr increments.  A certificate of Insurance must be provided upon request. *Studio proctor will be present during all nonmember activities.

*** Assistants allowed ~ but no other Photographers without written management permission. 

*** Space rental is available for Small group events & training. Contact us.

*** as a safety net – All Scheduled time is set via. our online scheduler. Teamup.

Teamup Shared Calendar will be shared to all founders and members.
Workshop discounts on most ‘meetups’ Other discounts to be arranged on major 2 day events and classes. Most will be held Sat/Sun usually 12-5p & occasional weekday evenings 6:30-9p .

Free or low cost Round tables are included in membership privileges.
Use of #3 ~600 Watt godox/flashpoint lights & #2 800 Watt and modifiers with Bowen’s mounts.  Backdrops and basic furnishings.

Clean up and responsibility for broken equipment is each members’ responsibility. 

$50.00 Fine for failure to clean up. The floor must be swept clean after use. Trash removed. **Please use caution at the dumpster-so you are not locked in!!!!

______Founders prime hours as available, each founder has responsibilities to maintaining the studio and its members. Founders’ rates are based on annual participation and studio involvement. Founders receive discounts on Meetup style and special events as well as participation in round tables.
Founders are requested to ‘assist/work’ 1-2 events /classes/management functions each month — to ensure safety and experience of our participants.

We are a NON-Smoking Facility and Campus

No smoking in the building, on the grounds or parking areas. Thank you.

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